FailSafe - CBS Live Movie - Live Broadcast Director

"Failsafe" was the 1st LIVE movie produced in over 40 years.   3 sound stages, 29 cameras, 19 principal roles, 150 extras and 250 crew all came together to pull off this 2 hour live special for CBS.   We had one chance to get it right while millions watched and we did.  What a great team!  I was Emmy and Director's Guild nominated for Movie of the Week Direction.  I was very proud to be a part of this historic production.  

George Clooney, Richard Dreyfuss, Brian Dennehy, Don Cheadle, Harvey Keitel, Sam Elliot, Noah Wyle, James Cromwell and Walter Cronkite made for a dream cast to work with.  

Together with a great technical team, we came up with some new tricks for this production.  Ed Green who did the audio and his team invented the "scene switcher" which allowed hundreds of background sound effects to switch every time I made a camera cut to a different location.

We chose to shoot this in Black and White because at the time color video looked like a bad soap opera.  We had to do camera tests to see which shades of black and white worked best.