• Pasetta has been hired to Executive Produce & Direct the “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriends Concert Special” airing April 2019.

  • AMPAS / ABC brought Pasetta in for the 2018 Oscar’s Arrival Special to produce and provide a new creative approach to the show.

  • Pasetta has directed over 250 hours of live, 700 episodes of multiple camera episodic and ten years of single camera dramas.

  • Smosh Live which Pasetta directed, won the Streamy Award for Best Live Show of the Year 2017.

  • When NBC decided to produce the entire season of “Undateable” live their first call was to Marty Pasetta, Jr. to lead the live team and served as a director.

  • Pasetta just finished directing 200+ episodes of @Midnight.

When George Clooney decided the time was right to reintroduce American television viewers to live drama by producing and starring in the live production of “Fail Safe” on CBS-TV, he called Marty Pasetta, Jr. to direct the live broadcast for this landmark production.  The results: Statues in 4 categories for technical and artistic excellence.

In addition to producing the ABC / AMPAS official arrival show for 2018, Pasetta produced the Academy Awards Arrival Special for the Academy for its return to Hollywood with Laura Ziskin.

Pasetta directed the entire series for Ellen DeGeneres “Ellen’s Design Challenge” which aired in 2016 along with the entire series of Nick Cannon’s “Caught on Camera” also in 2016.  He directed the Emeril Lagasse pilot for CBS/Freemantle.  In 2016, CBS hired Pasetta to direct a new one-hour arrival special for the Grammy Awards.  Pasetta produced the feature “Sleeping Dogs Lie”, which was selected for the Dramatic Competition at The Sundance Film Festival which grossed $4.3M worldwide on a final delived cost of $225k. Five of the six pilots he shot have gone to series, including “Judge Judy” (strip), “Robin’s Hoods” (1 hour), “Catchphrase” (game) and “Montel Williams” (talk). He also led the team for the live episodes of “Hot in Cleveland” in 2013/14.

Pasetta has shot music performances for more than 170 groups including Ariana Grande and Ricky Martin for NBC.  In 2012-14 he directed the Latin Grammy Person of the Year special and the live Pre Tel for the Latin Grammys.  Pasetta is also directed the live Grammy Premier shows in 2013-15.   When Warner Bros. decided to produce one special episode of “ER” live they call Pasetta to lead the ‘live team’.

Pasetta has been recognized for his work as a television director with multiple nominations for Emmy Awards.  He was nominated for Outstanding Direction for Motion Picture for Television for “Fail Safe” as well as for the prestigious Director’s Guild Award. Starring George Clooney, Richard Dreyfuss, Harvey Keitel, Brian Dennehy, and Sam Elliot, among others, “Fail Safe” was the first movie to be shown live on American television in 39 years.  Pasetta was nominated for Best Director Special Class Emmy for his work on “Trail by Jury”.  When MTVE needed a top professional to make web-casting history in Europe, they called Marty Pasetta, Jr., winning the Promax Gold Award for the webcast, “The European Music Awards…Live and Online.” 

In 1997, Pasetta co-founded a multinational communication corporation specializing in innovative solutions in broad and narrow-band communications with offices in Paris, London, Cairo, South Africa, Kazakhstan and the United States.  He travelled to over sixty countries in 1997-2001 to facilitate this work.  Pasetta graduated from Loyola High School and has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with minors in Business and Computer Science from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.