Academy Awards Arrival Special - ABC - Producer

Laura Ziskin asked me to produce the Oscar Preshow for the 2002 Telecast.  This was the first year that the Oscars moved back to Hollywood and the Kodak Theater so we had a lot of flexibility to change things up.

I used a miniature helicopter to shoot the opening.  We shut down Hollywood Blvd one block at a time and used all the great graphic equipment that Laura had for Spiderman to create something pretty great.   One of the changes that I made was to divide up each stage as an independent unit controlled by one EVS and an AD.  This way we could record interviews at anytime and bank many more stars than had been done in the past.  This approach is now the norm.

One fun thing that happened on this show was that the switcher blew up two hours prior to show.   It was a Sunday and there was no way to fix or replace with a similar function device prior to show.   Great techs got a grass valley 100 (as basic of a video switcher as you can get) to work with 30 minutes to show.   We lost only the transition from the opening tape to the show but everything else worked great.   Live TV - you gotta love it.